Learning & Development

Educational Cooperation

Since 1999, Meiloon has cooperated with high schools in eastern Taiwan. We help students transition from school to work more conveniently.


Industry-Academy Cooperation

Meiloon and Feng Chia University jointly plan professional internships.Provide students with the opportunity to study at the Meiloon Dongguan factory during the summer vacation.To strengthen the professional skills of students, and at the same time participate in the development and production process, so that they can further understand the electro-acoustic industry from all aspects.


Meilong Industrial Talents Cultivation Fund


For sustainable development, in addition to implementing the talent reserve plan, we also actively carry out employee training to ensure that employees keep pace with the times.
In order to provide nurturing funds for university students with excellent character and learning, through exchanges, cultivation and recruitment of elites, they will join Meilong after graduation, and cultivate them to become outstanding talents in the future industry.

Application object

In principle, students who are currently studying in relevant departments of electroacoustics, systems engineering, shipbuilding, machinery, electrical machinery, electronics, communications, aerospace, oceanography, information engineering, automatic control, materials, industrial engineering, etc. in domestic universities.