Welfare System

Every employee is an integral part of Meiloon.We provide a comprehensive welfare system to stabilize the lives of employees.
The current benefits of the company are as follows:

  • Free lunch for employees
  • Payment of employees' missed meals
  • Regular departmental dinners
  • Employee Travel Grants
  • Wedding and funeral, childbirth, birthday, medical allowance
  • Child care allowance for employees' children
  • Education scholarship for employees' children
  • Emergency Disaster Relief Fund
  • employee bonus
  • holiday bonus
  • labor day gifts
  • Mid-Autumn Gift
  • birthday gifts
  • Spring Festival gifts
Health and safety
  • group insurance

  • Health Advisory
  • health examination
Continuous learning
  • Talent improvement subsidy
  • Employee education and training subsidy
  • Group buy discount
Health consultant

In order to protect the health of employees,In addition to providing annual health checks, we also hire health consultants to pay attention to the health of employees.

Epidemic prevention measures

To reduce the impact of COVID-19,Meiloon often disinfects the company and conducts rapid company-wide screening, and also implements shunting of employees to work.We are committed to minimizing the risk of transmission and providing a safe working environment for our employees.