About Us

Meiloon was established in 1973.We are the largest speaker design and speaker manufacturer in Taiwan and we have international certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF16949...In addition, Meiloon has factories or offices in America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.

Many world-renowned audio brands are our customers.The manufacturing process of the product is all produced in the factory.With the technology of our professional R&D team, we are developing towards intelligent audio.

We hope to provide our customers with excellent products through our professional team.

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Core Value

The core value of the company is to focus on designing and producing top-notch speaker products. Without fancy marketing tactics, the basic principles of speaker design and production are implemented in a practical manner, which becomes the key to producing truly good sound. The company is dedicated to the authentic reproduction of music and overall auditory experience, with 50 years of experience and recognition from customers worldwide.

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The company upholds a dedicated, enthusiastic, and professional attitude, constantly innovating technology and developing new products. Through the participation of all employees in quality management and continuous improvement, the company manufactures high-quality, low-cost, and highly competitive products that meet customer needs and satisfaction.

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