Sustainability Commitment and Strategy

Our sustainability strategy is an integral part of our corporate strategy,

Create a brighter future together.

Sustainable business is high priority for Meiloon. We want to grow our company and help our people and the communities around us, all while safeguarding the planet. A major foundation of our ambitions, are the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our sustainability ambition statement

In line with our ambition to fully integrate sustainability into our corporate strategy. Meiloon designs and acts towards sustainable outcomes for our 3 pillars of Planet, People and Innovative Solutions.


Reduce carbon and energy footprint to environment



Creating healthy working and living environment


Innovative Solutions

Delivering sustainable innovations throughout the product lifecycle


Sustainable Development Goals

Corporate Governance
Partnerships Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
Green Sustainable
Social Care

ESG Blueprint

Sustainability Commitment and Strategy

Meiloon is committed to creating core values to contribute to human society and exert a positive influence. The objective of sustainable management is to pursue long-lasting and sustainable value. We bring corporate culture into the business model and take integrity as the highest moral principle for corporate management.
SDG GuidelinesSustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals were defined in 2015 by the United Nations. General Assembly. They consist of 17 global goals set to be achieved by 2030.
ESG plan Environmental Social Governance
Meiloon holds strict policies and statements on how we do business, and how we expect others to do business with us. This applies to many aspects, including environmental impact, ethical conduct, health & safety, etc.
Net-Zero Transition Striving for a net-zero future together
Cooperating net-zero emissions with global trend and actions. Improving in designs, energy efficiency and appliance standards. Scaling up renewable energy, developing new energy technologies and power grid upgrade.